We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and are positioned in close proximity to the Port of Oakland and 3 International airports to provide you with fast and convenient warehousing for import and export of goods moving through the ports – particularly inbound and outbound ocean freight.

  • Quick access to major freeways

  • Within 30 minutes of three airports (Oak Intl, SFO Intl, SJO Intl)

  • Close proximity to West Coast Ports

  • Allows later cut-off times to move goods to the port

  • Minimizes transportation costs to port relative to more distant locations

If all these things mentioned above are not reason enough to use our Company, let me discuss with you the level of Customer Service that we strive for. Our Customer comes first: we care very deeply about assisting our clients achieve their goals. It is about finding solutions. We also understand that we carry not only our reputation, but yours as well. This is a company prides itself on garnering and maintaining a sterling reputation with every client past and present. Team members are advocates for the Customer and help in building the climate of trust and open communication that is essential to building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. We are not a process driven organization, we are a Customer Service oriented one. Therefore, our services and programs will be tailor made around you and your clients.  Our dedication to our Customer’s satisfaction is so strong that we would like you to know that you will have access to all members of management 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If ever a client needs something, whether it is 3p.m. in the afternoon or 3a.m. in the morning, we are there!